So, you have a paper problem?

So, you have a problem with an artwork or artifact on paper? You’ve come to the right place. Oh, if these flat files could talk!

Paper. Where would we be without it? Not only do we use it in our everyday lives, but most of us have some paper objects we care about. Yours may have historic or artistic value, or just sentimental value. Paper can deteriorate and become acidic and brittle. It can be badly framed, I’ll get to that in a future post. Paper can be torn, folded, crumpled, stained, rolled, Scotch-taped, infested, water-damaged, light-damaged, or otherwise mutilated, I’ve seen it, treated it with tender loving care, and sent it home looking like new, or gently aged, whatever is required.

So don’t be shy about spilling your deep, dark, secrets and fears about that damaged piece. Well, maybe “spill” is a loaded word, but you know what I mean. I invite readers to submit your questions about paper conservation and things that go awry with paper, and those of general interest and/or special note will be answered right here. By reaching out to all of you who care about something made of paper, I am trying to share some of the pleasure, fascination, comfort, and knowledge that I have had the privilege of experiencing in my career as a paper conservator.

This is an introductory post to let you all know what I’m about, and subsequent posts will be added below.

Andrea Pitsch Conservation provides museum-quality paper conservation and related consulting services for an international clientele of institutions, corporations, museums, artists, estates, and private collections. If you have a condition problem with a work on paper, I’m your doctor.